News and Communication From The Supreme Pyramid

The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots

Office of the Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2023

Steve Kedmenec
Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2023
Greeting Masons and Friends 
I would like to review my plans for 2023 
The symbol I have adopted for Sciotry 2023 includes a pyramid which is where as Sciots gather and is the symbol of our order. Following a gathering, Sciots enjoy the company of family and friends to create a stronger bond of friendship and support.
Our symbol which contains the Bull and the word SCIOTS is the method in which we identify ourselves without our Fez. You might also notice two hands joined which is a representation of our motto to BOOST ON ANOTHER.
In order to boost a brother or a friend, the first thing you must provide is a helping hand in order to pull them up and provide any assistance needed. Sometimes it may be a simple ear to listen or the act of providing the voice of encouragement and guidance.
My Plans for 2023 
My goal in 2023 is to continue the efforts of recent Pharaohs by expanding Sciotry into new areas, instituting new Pyramids and increasing membership. This year I have many plans which include expanding into other jurisdiction, and reopening pyramids which have been closed.
One of our biggest endeavors in the upcoming year will be participation in the Conference of Grand Masters which is to be held this February in Alexandria Virginia. Sciotry has been invited and will attend the festivities. 
At this event, Grand Masters from around the globe will meet each other to discuss Masonry and be educated about our foundation. This includes our support for the U.C. Davis Mind Institute for Autism.
We will also increase public awareness for the Mind Institute for Autism by having 2 fund raisers.
Continuing the efforts of Past Pharaoh Bill Hunt, we will endeavor international communications with the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, an effort which was delayed due to the pandemic.
Additionally, there are two locations in California expressing a great desire to open Pyramids, and discussions to reopen a pyramid in Seattle Washington.
These are ambitious plans, but with the help and support of my Supreme elected and appointed officers, Toparchs, Scribes and of course our members, I am confident of a banner year for Sciotry.  
Sincerely and fraternally,
Stephen Kedmenec
Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2023
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