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The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots

Office of the Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2021
Bill Hunt Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2021

Important COVID 19 Meeting Update
 O'Sciots All,

This information pertains to the California AEOS jurisdiction only.

Effective April 15th the Grand Master of F&AM of California-MW Arthur Weiss has issued a COVID directive for ALL Masonic in person meetings in California.

I have attached his official communication for your review and to use as a guideline for your Pyramid. As it stands this is the order of the Grand Master of California and should not be modified or interpreted in any way other than how it is outlined. 

Here are a few points that everyone must be aware of:
The basic requirements that we will adhere to are (which are subject to change without notice): 
Your County must be in a "Red Tier" or better.
Each participant must wear a mask.
Each event shall have a guest list. RSVP's are required.
A Seating chart will be developed for each event.
Participants must show proof of full vaccination and past their respective waiting periods. Or
Negative test results within the most recent 72-hour period preceding the event.
No intermingling of events.
Comply with local (County/City) Covid-19 mandates and guidelines.
For now, this is how we must operate in person meetings, events and degrees. I am hoping in the near future CDC and CDPH guidelines change for California and some or all of these restrictions get lifted. The Supreme Pyramid is in direct contact with the Grand Lodge of California and will update all Sciots and Pyramid officers immediately if anything changes.

Zoom meetings or other forms of electronic communication are an acceptable option if the Toparch and members of your Pyramid determine that is how they wish to continue to conduct business. Of course, NO degree work or esoteric ritual would be allowed in virtual meetings.

You can see more information from the Grand Lodge of California here: www.freemason.org/covid19

If you have questions or concerns regarding this communication, please direct them to the Supreme Scribe and Pharaoh of all Sciotry. 


Bill Hunt 
Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2020-21
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots