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 Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots Illinois Pyramid #1

Toparch     John Eichler  
                         Mobib          Ron Petersen                         
Scribe         Bradley Baker
e-mail us: info@ilsciots.com

Meetings 3rd Monday 8:00 P.M.
 Medinah Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.
550 N. Shriners Dr.
Addison, IL 60101

 Dinner at 7:00 at the IHOP on Lake Street Addison
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News and Information

Toparch John Eichler extends Greetings to all Sciots in Illinois Pyramid #1, and also around the world.
The Pyramid now meets on the third Monday of each month at Medinah Temple in Addison, IL. Dinner at 7:00 at the IHOP on Lake St in Addison and Meeting at 8:00 at Medinah. Notice, we have moved the meeting time back to 8:00 PM. We are meeting in the Fire Unit room, or the Oasis if no one else is there. The last few months we met at IHOP in Addison on Lake St. That was a nice change of pace and we got a great dinner, as well. An email to all will let everyone know. That place is working out fine. Looks like in the future we will be eating at IHOP and then migrating to Medinah Temple for our 8:00 meeting. That way it will be tiled.

We had our Drone and Chain Saw Raffles at the Sportsman's Raffle at Medinah Temple on Saturday, the 15th of September. It was a fun event again this year. It did seem that there were fewer people there. Anyhow, there were fewer tickets purchased for our raffles than last year. We covered the cost of our raffle items and made a little money. We saw a lot of people that we knew, had some good food, and made a day of it. Also tied to the Raffles were two other prizes, a dinner for two at Papaspiros Greek Restaurant in Oak Park and a hair styling by Chelsea at Pink Hair Studios in Bloomingdale. Something for everybody. Also, as a follow-up. I talked with the Potentate of Medinah about the Sportsman's Raffle and I asked him about ticket sales, etc. He did say that the ticket sales were down from last year. He did not give me numbers. This probably explains why we did not do as well this year with our own Raffle. We will see how things progress for next year's event. Raffles are fun and can be profitable, but you have to have a lot of people to make them work.

We will be advertising our meetings to the members via email in the future. We have done this to some extent, but will be ramping it up.

December, we are looking at a Christmas Pizza Party for our meeting. Monday, December 17th. All will be contacted. White Elephant gifts will be the theme for the night. We all bring one and all get to take one home. Anything old or used you do not need anymore. Bring it out.

We talked about having some shirts with our name/logo on them for sale as advertising and as a fund-raiser. You will hear more about that. Rich Zoladz did look into a bumper sticker with our name and logo on it. He had samples of what it could look like. Lots of stuff happening. Rich brought more information regarding the bumper sticker. He will check into pricing and approval from the Supreme Pyramid. Stay tuned.
The Annual Meeting in New Jersey went well! The incoming Pharaoh, John Sigismondi, had some extensive injuries due to an accident he had at his home in California. We wish him well.

We discussed inviting the new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois to become a Sciot. The powers to be are working on this.

2019 Dues Notices will be going out shortly. We got them out late last year and this year.

(Above) Sciotry on display at Illinois Grand Lodge