Welcome to the Supreme Sciot Pyramid Website  A Masonic Organization Dedicated to Boosting Masonry

The Constitution of the Supreme Pyramid provides that ANY Master Mason in good standing is eligible for membership. 
Sciotry provides many social activities which include the entire family promoting the stronger bonds of family in these difficult times. "Social Nights" range from sporting events, dinners, movies and museums 

Welcome Supreme Sciot Pyramid Website

Sciotry is a Masonic Organization  established in 1910 dedicated to uniting all Master Masons in a closer bond of Friendship, Fellowship and Cooperation
Our Motto is "To help each other in the accomplishment of honest endeavors" and to spread the doctrine of 
Supporting all Masonic Lodges

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Bud Ramsey Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2016 and his Lady Susan

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Photos from Annual Sessions 2016 held in San Jose California and Our Pharaoh attending various official visits

Past Pharaoh (1991) Cliff Wilburn was presented with a Plaque and gift card by Stockton C.A. Toparch Steve Campbell for 50 years of service to Sciotry.on June 10 2016. Click on the above picture to view more photos and send a message to Cliff.
Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember
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Cornerstone Awards San Jose Pyramid #9 July 22
Pharaohs Home Coming San Jose Pyramid #9 July 23
Pharaoh Bud Ramsey and Lady Susan's Official Visit  N.J. Pyramid #3 
August 5,6,7